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ACL  reconstruction is the process of replacing a toned out ligament. PACL injuries are most common in the people from the sports field as they are involved in certain stops and changes in direction, such as the players of basketball or the players of football or the players of gymnastics or downhill skiing. In the PCL reconstruction process, the old out ligament is removed and replaced with a piece of 10 done from any other part of your name, or a deceased donor can also replace it. The surgery for ACL reconstruction procedure was only performed by the doctors or surgeons who have a speciality in surgical procedures of bones and joints.

Why do people need ACL reconstruction?

The ligaments are a strong band of tissues that help in connecting one bone with another bone. The ACL – one of the two ligaments that cross the middle of the knee connects your thigh bone to the shinbone and helps you in stabilising your knee joint. Most ACL injuries happen during sports or fitness activities, including putting a lot of stress on your knees.

  • Suddenly slowing down and changing direction.
  • Landing from a jump incorrectly.
  • Stopping suddenly

A course of physical therapy can be considered very successful in treating the ACL injury for a patient suffering from these types of injuries. ACL is generally recommended if you are:

  • The athlete who wants to continue playing his respective sport for a longer period of time if your sport includes activities like running, jumping and cutting
  • More than one ligament of the knee is injured.
  • The injuries causing your need to buckle during everyday activities


There are certain risks involved with the ACL reconstruction surgical procedure. As the surgical reconstruction procedure include bleeding and infection at the surgical sites can be considered as one of the risks and the other risk associated with the reconstruction are:

  • Knee pain and stiffness
  • Poor healing of the graft
  • Graft failure after returning to sport

How to prepare yourself before the surgery?

Before your surgery, you are highly recommended or advised to visit or undergo physical therapy. The goal before surgery is to reduce your pain and swelling and also to restore your knees full range of motion, and it also works for the strengthening of your muscles. People who are going to the surgery with stiff and a soul and may not be given a full range of motion after the surgery of reconstruction is completed.

ACL reconstruction is a procedure that is completed in just one day, and so you will be able to drive back home on the same day.

Food or Medication

It is also highly recommended to tell your surgeon or your doctor about the type of food you take or the dietary supplements you are using. If you are a person who takes aspirants on regular bases or if you are a person who is taking blood-thinning medications, then your doctor might ask you to stop the intake of these types of medications before 2 weeks of your surgery. These types of drugs can increase the risk of bleeding during surgery. You need to follow the instructions that your surgeon gives in eating or drinking, or taking any other type of supplements or medications. You also need to listen to your surgeon about the things that you need to eat the night before your surgery.

During the surgery

During the procedural surgery, the surgery will remove your damaged ligament, and a segment of the tendon will replace the damaged ligament. The replaced tissue was called a graft, and it comes from another part of your money, or a deceased donor can also replace it. Your surgeon will have to drill sockets inside your thigh bone or your shin bone to accurately position the graft, secured to the bones with screws or other fixation devices.

Post Surgery

After the reconstruction procedure has taken place, you can go back home on the very same day. After the procedure has taken place, your surgeon might ask you to walk with the help of crutches, and your surgeon might also ask you to wear a knee brace as they will help you in walking, and they will also protect the graft. Your doctor will surely advise you and give you instructions on keeping the swelling glow and getting relief from the pain. You need to follow your doctor’s advice about taking the medications and about the physical activities that you need to restrict for some days. The patient will also be asked to apply ice on the need, and you will also be advised to keep the elevated as much as possible as doing this all things will help him in getting relief from the pain and the swelling very easily.


Successful reconstruction surgery can very easily restore the stability and functioning of your knee. All you need to keep in mind is you don’t have to do heavy exercises that will put heavy pressure on your knee for the first few weeks after the surgery as your knee needs a little bit of time to recover from the pain and the spelling and it also needs a little bit of time to stabilise it. It is also highly recommended to follow each and every guideline that your surgeon provides, and it is also prescribed to take all the medications as per the given instructions of your surgeon.


If a person is suffering from knee pain or discomfort and if his or her surgeon prescribed an ACL reconstruction, the person must go for it as it is done in his best interest. Acl reconstruction will help you improve your range of motion, and this will surely help you get relief from the pain, and the surgery will also definitely decrease the swelling of your knees.

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