Dr Biren Nadkarni has specialization in performing Total Hip Replacement surgery.

Dr Biren Nadkarni is a well known and established senior joint replacement surgeon. His many years’ experience in this field makes him a very trustworthy and experienced doctor to approach. He ensures to provide the best possible treatment to his patients.

About the Treatment

It is a surgical operation in which a prosthetic implant, a hip prosthesis, replaces the hip joint. It is possible to perform hip replacement surgery as a Complete Hip Replacement or as a Partial Hip Replacement. This joint orthopaedic repair surgery is normally done to alleviate the pain of inflammation or some hip fractures. The removal of both the acetabulum and the femoral head is a complete hip replacement (total hip arthroplasty or THA). At the same time, hemiarthroplasty normally only removes the femoral head.

Before Total Hip Replacement Surgery


After Total Knee Replacement Surgery



Total hip replacement is most widely used to treat osteoarthritis-caused joint failure. Rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, acute arthritis, protrusion, some fractures of the joint, benign, malignant bone tumours, Paget disease-related arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and adolescent rheumatoid arthritis are some signs.

Pressure reduction, healing from the severe hip pain, removing the damaged portion to provide the patient relief and progress of hip function are some of the treatment goals. Dr Biren Nadkarni ensures to successfully reach these goals and provide his patients with absolute relief from pain.


Hip replacement risks and complications are similar to those found with other joint replacements. Infection, dislocation, limb weight inequality, loosening, impingement, osteolysis, susceptibility to metals, nerve palsy, chronic pain, and death may be included. Weight reduction surgery does not tend to affect outcomes until a hip replacement.


The treatment of Hip replacement can be of two different types. The first type is a very traditional way to do it. The other way is to make a careful incision at the side or in front of the hip joint. The ideal procedure that doctors follow is to diagnose the patient with anaesthesia, which will lead to the patient going in a deep sleep for hours. 

After making the initial incision carefully, the next step is to expose the hip joint, a muscle at the top of the thighbone is carefully moved. Further, the ball portion is removed by cutting the thigh bone, and it is replaced with an artificial hip joint. This artificial hip joint is attached to the thigh bone with a special material to ensure that all other bones are connected back to the new joint after completing this initial step. The surface of the hip one is prepared by removing any infectious or damaged parts. This replacement socket is then carefully attached to the hipbone. The new joint is then placed into the socket portion, which is the last step of the procedure. That is, to connect back the muscles and finally close the incision.


It requires proper rest and time to time medications need to be followed. One cannot neglect the doctor’s medicines, nor can they miss any of the therapy sessions. The cost of Hip replacement surgery differs with different types of conditions. 

Dr Biren Nadkarni is a very professional and experienced doctor. Who had successfully treated many patients throughout the past few years, follows all the required measures and prescribes all the needed medications.

Pre Surgery

Before the surgery, a patient might feel a lot of pain and uneasiness while walking due to the damaged part. A patient might not be able to do regular day to day work. In such a condition, it is essential to consult with the best Hip Replacement doctor, such as Dr Biren Nadkarmi.

The doctor will ask you for specific medical history and any current medications that you’re following. You will also be asked to go for certain tests, like X-Ray of the damaged part, which is essential to see the severity of pain and be treated rightly.

Post Surgery

After the surgery, the patient will be asked to stay within the hospital for a few days. To gain back with consciousness and be kept under proper observation to ensure the surgery’s success, the initial healing requires no negligence.

After the patient’s initial healing, he will be discharged with proper medications prescribed and detailed step-by-step precautions and other medications he needed to follow.


After the surgery, the patient needs to follow certain required precautions. Because even if the surgery is successful. Its success will only count if the patient properly takes all the precautions post-surgery. Hip replacement precautions include less and slow movement of legs or toes. For the initial recovery, the patient must start with walking little steps and walking with some support.


Dr Biren Nadkarni is a highly recommended doctor for hip replacement surgery. Consulting him will help you resolve your problem in the perfect way possible. During the consultation and before the surgery the doctor will ask you about the necessary medical history, any of the medications you are currently following and asked to go under some basic treatment tests to locate the exact infected part. 

One must consult Dr Biren Nadkarni for the best of consultations and treatment.

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