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Osteotomy can also be referred to as the cutting of the bones. In the knee osteotomy procedure, the femur or the tibia is cut down, and then they are shaped again to relieve the pressure applied on the knee joints. The procedure is done to cure the damage that occurred due to arthritic damage, as this helps in realigning your knees’ structure. This procedure’s main goal is to shift your body’s weight away from the damaged area to the other part of the knee. It is a very stressful process as while removing just a very small amount of wedge of the bones can swing open, and it can also press the good tissues together as space opens up between the thigh bone and the shin bone on the affected part of your knee. 

The procedure of knee osteotomy is generally prescribed or recommended for young people, and the replacement of their needs is not recommended at a young age. When a person chooses to replacement and if he or she is a young patient and he needs to keep in mind that the total knee replacements can wear out much more quickly in people who are younger than the age of 55 years because those prosthetic knees can be damaged over a period of time, but this process of osteotomy can help the younger people and continuing the use of the healthy part of their knee for a long period of time.  If the patient chooses or selects an osteotomy, this procedure can delay the need for a patient’s total knee replacement for about the next 10 years.

Why is the procedure of osteotomy important?

A person suffering from osteoarthritis then during the stage the cartilages of the persons is damaged, and they are born out, which creates a rough surface inside the knee. When the cartilages are worn out, this creates a narrow space between the femur and the tibia resulting in a bow for outward depending on the side of your affected knee. When a person chooses to remove or add a wedge of bone in their upper shinbone or in their lower thigh bone, this can really help strengthen this bowing and so if the weight of the undamaged part of your knee. This process will surely help increase your knee joint’s lifespan and delay a total knee replacement requirement. 

Osteoarthritis can develop inside the patient’s knee when the knee or the leg of the patient are not lined up properly. When the knees or legs are not lined up properly, this results in extra pressure on the knee’s inner side on the knee’s outer side. If the person does not pay proper attention to osteoarthritis, then this will result in pain and suffering for the patient over time. The extra pressure that is applied on the knee will result in bearing out the smooth cartilage present inside your knees, which will surely cause a lot of pain, and your knees will also become very stiff.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The process of knee osteotomy is done keeping these three goals in mind:

  • It is done to transfer the weight of the damaged part unique to the part of your journey that is healthy and not damaged
  • It is done to correct the alignment of your knees
  • It is dying to prolong your knee joint’s lifespan and delay the need for a total knee replacement.

If the procedure of osteotomy has taken place with success, then this can surely delay the need for a total joint replacement for the upcoming several years.  Another advantage of a successful osteotomy is that it does not put any restrictions on your physical activities, like free to play and run around. 

The osteotomy procedure also has some disadvantages, like the relief and pain is not as good as the relief in pain after a total knee replacement. After the osteotomy procedure, you cannot directly put a heavyweight on your need as it takes some time to heal and recover. The procedure of osteotomy takes a longer time to recover and give relief from the pain then; compared to the procedure of total knee replacement Asin total knee replacement, the patients feel relief from the pain after a few days, but it is not the case with the procedure of osteotomy.

How to cope up quickly after an osteotomy?

  • You can apply ice on your knee for about 30 to 35 minutes a few times a day during the first week of the osteotomy, as this will surely help in reducing the pain after the procedure. It is recommended to keep applying ice on your knees for about one or two months if you do not feel relief from the pain
  • It is also highly recommended to keep your money as elevated as possible above your heart level. This helps reduce the swelling, and it also helps reduce the pain after the procedure of osteotomy. It is also recommended to sleep after keeping a pillow under your knees
  • It is also prescribed to keep your knees immobile for the first few weeks as the range of motions after the process of osteotomy is restricted for the first few weeks.
  • It is also prescribed to get your knees X-ray after 6 months of the surgery as it will surely help you in knowing if your knee alignment is proper or whether you are ready to begin the rehabilitation process.


If you feel pain in your knees and if your doctor advises you for an osteotomy, you should usually go for this procedure. The osteotomy process will surely help you get relief from the pain, which will also delay the need for total knee replacement.

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