What Should You Remember Before Going For a Joint Replacement Surgery?

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Things to remember before Joint Replacement Surgery

Oftentimes people get confused about what to choose and whom to choose while opting for joint replacement surgery. Well, it is not that tough. All you need to do is read this whole article and consider some good-to-go points for choosing your surgeon. After all, it is one of the most important surgeries and you can’t choose anything less than highly important.

Preparing Yourself for a Joint Replacement Surgery

The first and most important thing is to prepare yourself mentally before going for surgery. If you are opting for surgery, it is important to first prepare yourself both physically and mentally. You should first of all complete your homework. The homework is about yourself and your would-be joint replacement surgeon. Given below are some good-to-go points to ponder over before choosing your surgeon and going for joint replacement surgery. 

    • Focus on Yourself- It is highly important to start focusing on your body and its fitness. You should, first of all, look after your weight as this is what going to be immensely beneficial for you after getting operated on. If you are overweight then you should focus on decreasing your body weight by simultaneously maintaining your muscle tone and improving your body’s strength. It is an important step as it prepares you for something that is round the clock and will play a very important role in your life. However, your increased weight and obesity might pose a serious problem for you.    

    • Reduce Stress on the Joints- The next big thing is when you consider getting a joint replacement surgery done, you should decrease the stress on your joints. This will help in overcoming the problems of surgery and also recovering from it. This is even more beneficial when the joint involved is your knee or hip. To further reduce stress on your joints, keep the muscles around your joints toned (quadriceps for knees, hip flexors for hamstrings). Isometric exercises that target specific joints can help. It is recommended that you learn these exercises from your Physiotherapist (PT) before surgery.

    • Preparing Your Family- It is also important to prepare your family for this very purpose. Your near and dear ones should be made aware of every little thing about the surgery. They should be made sure that you will be undergoing surgery and major changes in your life. It is there sold you tea to make sure that you exercise properly post-surgery for better recovery and strengthening of your muscles.

Orthopedic Surgeon Considerations Prior to Surgery

Now, this is the most difficult part of your surgery, that is choosing the best and the most experienced joint replacement surgeon. You might be fooled by lucrative offers and under-experienced surgeons. But don’t worry, in this article we have provided you with the worth considering points for choosing your joint replacement surgeon. 

    • Experience- When it comes to any medical service, the experience of the candidate is worth considering. Afterall, this surgery is going to improve your body and its movements. The best way to seek out the best surgeons is by getting referrals from rheumatologists or other physicians and viewing online feedback reviews of the recommended surgeons. 

    • Dealing with the Patients- The next big thing for considering the best joint replacement surgeon is his/her behavior towards the patients. There are ample questions that pop up in the mind of the patients and your surgeon is answerable to them. You should make sure that the surgeon you are choosing is amiable and answers the questions very patiently.

    • Hospital/Clinic Set-up- Only the experience of the surgeon is not the only thing required. It is also the surrounding and infrastructure that plays a very important role. Without these, the experience of the surgeon is only half significant. The surgeon should have a proper set-up with an efficient team. Remember, the surgeon is the sole part but his team is equally important. Make sure that the team also has a good amount of experience and skills.

    • Your First Visit to Your Last Visit- At last, the next important thing to consider is that you are treated well, right from your first visit to your last visit and even the follow-ups. Many patients complain about the wrong/rude behavior of the hospital staff post-surgery. This should not be the case, the patient is equally valuable before and after the surgery. You should be welcomed equally and with full hospitality even long after the surgery.

Choosing the Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Delhi

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