Dr Biren Nadkarni has specialization in performing Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery.

Trauma surgeries are the ones that have caused large traumatic injuries to the person. Now, to cure it through minimal invasion means that the orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi, here being Dr Biren Nadkarni, will proceed with tiny incisions instead of larger cuts. Doctor will insert an endoscope attached to a camera that allows him to see the area being operated clearly on the screen. This treatment takes up less time and is thus, less painful. You are sure to recover quickly too, through this method!

Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery Conditions

Trauma Surgeries are usually surgeries that cause huge trauma to the person mentally and physically because of that particular incident. Most of these usually consist of vehicle crashes, assaults, strangulation, and many such harmful causes. A traumatic surgery requires that person to undergo whatever operation they need to and also be cured of the distress of the injury itself. Thus, professional staff is required for this kind of surgery.

Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery Risks

Risks are always a part of any surgery and thus, are also possible in minimally invasive trauma surgery. The most common risk in this type of surgery is death and the chances of it increase with the seriousness of that injury. There is also the requirement of treating these injuries quickly. But if not handled properly, may lead to long term problems such as loss of function or neurological defects, along with others. There are also possible infections through anesthesia. It is not just the operative functions that can affect and be risky. The scars formed mentally can last for a longer time even after cure and thus, need to be checked upon regularly.

Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery Procedure

Minimally Invasive means a type of surgery that is preceded with lesser cuts than your traditional surgery. During minimal surgery, Dr Biren Nadkarni makes several incisions, smaller in size and inserts an endoscope to look at the affected area clearly, through the video shown on the outside on the monitor. He will then insert the necessary instruments needed to treat the injury. Along with this comes the procedure of managing the patient after the surgery is over and planning out their whole treatment even after the surgery is over and the patient is well enough.

Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery Treatment

Treatment for trauma injury requires extensive care. Therapeutic applications continue to be limited to the repair of minor injuries to the visceral structures and solid organs. It is not only more cosmetic but also more importantly may have the advantage of better access to all affected areas. It is important to emphasize the unpredictable and potentially unstable nature of traumatic injuries. The surgeon must always be prepared to rapidly open the areas for treatment.

Pre Surgery

Managing a trauma patient can be difficult as they need utmost care. The first thing a trauma patient usually needs to do is run to the emergency ward and get admitted. Although, some patients may need to undergo certain tests like urine examination, blood level, glucose, hemoglobin, and more. These tests are important in finding out if the person needs blood or glucose before starting with the surgery.

Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery - Post Surgery

The patients of a traumatic incident are very fragile after the surgery. They are not in the right mindset or physical state to move and continue life normally. They need to perform activities as and when advised by Dr Biren Nadkarni. Along with that, eating the right food that is appropriate for the patient is necessary and if any physiotherapy needed, then must be taken. Not on that, most traumatic patients cannot handle their surroundings and relive the accident. Thus, they need to have regular therapy until they are completely fine.

Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery Precautions

There are definite precautions needed for a trauma surgery patient. They need to be treated normally and not be reminded of the accident in any way possible. You must talk to the therapist and understand how to behave around them and take extra care of them. Dr Biren Nadkarni is sure to help you with the right way to treat the patient, not just for their mental health but even physical health, and help them get better.

Minimally Invasive Trauma Surgery Consultation

A lot of hospitals and clinics offer trauma surgery options. You must always go to the nearest one when it comes to an emergency. However, if you can you must always go to the best Treatment for Minimally Invasive trauma surgery and thus, consult Dr Biren Nadkarni, who is the best orthopedic surgeon in his field and will try his best to make the patient’s life better.

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