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Total body replacement is not as common as total knee replacement or hip replacement, but it is very successful as it helps in getting relief from joint pain, and it also allows the person suffering from joint pain to get back to the activities or works that you love or enjoy. In this article, we will provide you with the information that will be required if you are a person who is looking for the option of elbow replacement.

The elbow formed of three bones:-

  • The forearm bone on the Pinky finger side
  • The upper arm bone
  • The forearm bone on the thumb side

The surface of the bones meet tufan, the hell is covered with hand articular cartilage that is a very smooth substance that helps in protecting the bones, and it also helps in enabling them to move freely and easily. 

The part in total elbow replacement surgery that has been damaged is replaced with an artificial component. The artificial elbow joint comprises metals and a plastic hinge and has two metal stems. These metal stamps are important because they fit inside the hollow part of the bone that is known as the canal. Numerous different components are required for a total elbow replacement. These components are of different sizes and of different types.

What are the reasons of total elbow replacement?

  • Arthritis

A person suffering from the disease of arthritis may have to have a total elbow replacement because in this disease, the synovial membrane that surrounds the bones and what is surrounding the joint bone of your elbow becomes inflamed is also thickened. This inflammation in the membrane tends to damage the cartilage that is present inside your elbow and thus eventually causes cartilage loss, and this is the reason why it pains while you move your elbow angle elbow also becomes very stiff.

  • Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a kind of disease that is mostly found in people who are of old age. It is mostly found in people who are above the age of 15 years, and it is related to the wear and tear type of arthritis. It is not important or does not always happen that osteoarthritis is only found in people of old age, but it can also be found in the younger generation. The cartilage that questions the bones of the soft elbow tense and they are worn out, and then the bones are left without the soft cartilage, so the bones tend to rub against each other and over the period of time the help of joints become very stiff and starts to pain why you move your elbow joint.

  • Severe fracture

A very severe fracture on one or more bones of your elbow can also be considered one of the major reasons people want to have a total elbow replacement. If a person suffers from a dangerous accident, it becomes very difficult for a doctor to put the bones’ broken pieces back together in their respective places. It also so has a blood supply because of the broken pieces of the bones. Indus type of cases: the doctors for the surgeons describe the patient as having a total elbow replacement. The people of old age have more chances of breaking their bones as at old is the bones tend to become software, and they break very easily so in these cases the doctors prescribe to have a total elbow replacement.

When you finally decide to have an elbow replacement, your surgeon or your doctor will advise you to have a medical checkup for examination with your family doctor to ensure that you are ready for the surgery and healthy to finish the recovery process. Many patients who suffer from other chronic diseases like heart patience are recommended to go to a cardiologist before surgery.


It is also very important to ask your surgeon about the specific medications as you might have to stop the intake of some medicines before the surgery. Certain types of medicines that a person’s take can increase the flow of blood in your body and these types of medicines need to be stopped at least 2 weeks before the surgery. The doctors recommend you to stop medicines like anti-inflammatory medications or your arthritis medications.

Home planning

You also need to make some small changes to your house as it will help you in making your recovery process very easier and faster. After the surgery has taken place, it becomes very difficult for the patients for the first few weeks to find the articles that are kept on the highest shelves, so it is recommended to keep those daily use items on the lower shelf so that you can use it very easily. When you come home from the hospital, then it also becomes very difficult for you to perform daily activities like bathing, clothing, brushing so it is important to ask for support from your house members for the first few weeks after the procedure has taken place.

Surgical procedure

For replacing your elbow, the surgeon will have to make a cut on the back of your elbow, and after making the cut, the surgeon will very gently move the muscles inside your elbow to get an excess to the bone. After this, the surgeon will prepare the humerus after removing the damaged tissue to fit the metallic piece to replace the joint’s side. Some surgeons will place a tube in the joint temporarily to drain the surgical fluids that are put inside, and the tube can be removed conveniently in the hospital room within the first weeks of the surgery.


Much research is going on in the implementation design area to make the components of replacement last for a long time. The procedure of total elbow replacement is mostly needed by people who are suffering from arthritis. Many new medicines are also used to slow down the disease and avoid the need for total elbow replacement.

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