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The medial patellofemoral ligament can be considered as a part of one of the most complex networks of the soft tissue that helps in stabilizing your knee. The mpfl attaches the inside part of your knee cap to the femur that is the longest bone in your body. The kneecap and the femur together help in making the patellofemoral joint. Mpfl reconstruction can be construed as a surgery that consists of a new medial ligament that helps in stabilizing the person’s needs and it also helps in protecting the joints from further extra damage. It also offers very excellent treatment options for all the patients who are experiencing more than one dislocation. The process of mpfl reconstruction is fairly new. many patients have benefited from the mpfl reconstruction as it helps in tightening the damaged ligament and many patients who go for the option of mpfl reconstruction also have options other than immobilization and rehabilitation.

In a healthy person the knee and the bones together make up the joint and the joint move very smoothly against each other. The mpfl plays a very important role in keeping the patella contract as it acts like a leash that helps in restraining the movement of the patella. When the patellar this locates then the soft tissues are damaged and they move out of the track and then it becomes very difficult to force them back into their place. When the mpfl is not treated and it is left untreated then it can sometimes heal on its own. But if you leave them alone then the ligament heals in a loosened position and this is the reason why yoni becomes unstable. This can also cause damage to the cartridge that is present in the knee and in the future can also cause severe pain. If they are left untreated then the pain and swelling and the disability associated with the dislocated kneecap are a big problem but a bigger problem than this is the injury to the cartilage that can be caused and this can be even bigger risk. If the cartilage gets damaged and this can put a very high risk of developing arthritis which can be considered as an even bigger problem then mpfl and because of all these reasons it is always advised and recommended to a patient to get proper treatment. If the people take proper treatment and do not ignore the disability then this can prevent dislocation of the kneecap and the scan decreases the chances of arthritis.

Mpfl reconstruction protocol

At the Patellofemoral centres patients are adviced to undergo a thought assessment that includes a physical examination of the patient and the patients are also recommended to provide their medical history to the surgeon. A MRI scan is also done that helps the doctors in understanding the condition of the cartilage in the joint and this helps in concluding that the patient either needs a mpfl or a Bony procedure. The MRI images can be given to the patients on the same day when the scan is done.

although non-operative treatment also does not have a very significant role in the treatment of the patellar and disabilities if the person only has 1 dislocation and that too without a cartilage injury on then the person can be treated with the help of very short term immobilisation and some physical therapies. The person who have to go for mpfl reconstruction either have a dislocated knee more than once or they have injury in their cartilage and in some cases the people might also experience multiple locations of the cartilage. Mpfl can be performed on the patients who are suffering from single this location but it is only performed in the presence of other problems that are associated with the need that also need surgical interventions.

Patients who undergo through oo mpfl reconstruction also receive anesthesia. Anesthesia is a spine nerve block that helps in numbing the lower half of the body. The surgeon replaces the injured ligament with the help of a portion of the tendon that is either taken from the person’s  hamstring or it can also be taken from some other donor tissue. The doctors or the surgeons use an electroscope that helps them in seeing the area of the surgery and the ligament reconstruction is done with the help of two small incisions. The mpfl reconstruction is completed in about an hour and the person who has received the mpfl reconstruction can go to their houses on the same day but the degrees of the patients are stabilized with the help of a brace.

Mpfl reconstruction is known to give very good results and it has also shown very less rate of complications in the patients. There are some very little complications associated with the mpfl reconstruction like fractures, infections or blood clots. The procedure of mpfl reconstruction can be performed very safely when on the children with the help of open growth plates. In the previous years the children were sometimes placed in a brief but remained at a risk for some extra dislocations until they reached skeletal maturity. Now-a-days mpfl reconstruction is also considered to be a very safe option for the children and teenagers who have not yet reached skeletal maturity.

Post mpfl reconstruction

After the mpfl reconstruction has taken place the person can be here the weight on the affected leg only with the help of a breast that is worn for six weeks. These braces help in keeping your legs straight while you walk. During the process of recovery a machine is used at home of the patient that helps in avoiding scar tissues and stiffness from development in the joints. Sometimes scar issues and stiffness can develop in the joint while the process of ligament healing. Once the major muscle of the thigh is strong enough to support the joints, the person can start doing his physical therapy and in about 6 weeks after the surgery.

The person can also return to the field of sport or he can also play sometimes between 4 to 7 months after the completion of the MPFL reconstruction process.

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