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The Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty treatment is a shoulder replacement procedure that has to be performed if there is an injury to your shoulder or if you are at the end stage of shoulder arthritis. In this surgery, the humeral head of the shoulder bone has to be replaced with a prosthetic humeral head. This treatment is one of those which has evolved in recent times and become popular in the area of orthopedics. This surgery helps the person regain strength and restore proper motion of the shoulder.


There are two types of hemiarthroplasty – Stemmed and Resurfacing. In the stemmed hemiarthroplasty, the head of the humerus is replaced with a metal ball and stem. In the resurfacing hemiarthroplasty, the joint surface of the humeral head is replaced with a cap-like prosthesis. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are health conditions that cause the surface layer of the cartilage present in the shoulder to wear away which causes stiffness and pain. 


Like every other surgery, some type of risk is involved in this surgery too. The chances of risk are less than 5% in this surgery. Risks that are involved in this surgery are – infections, blood vessel damage, fracture, reaction to anesthesia if you have it or rotator cuff tear.


The procedure approximately takes 2 hours. You will be given general or regional anesthesia to make you or that part of your body unconscious. The damaged humeral head of the shoulder is replaced with a metal ball. A plastic surface on the socket of the shoulder is also used. In partial shoulder replacement, only the ball of the joint is replaced. This is how the surgery is completed. For some time you will be kept in the recovery room. When you wake up and feel good, then you will be discharged from the hospital.


This treatment is very helpful for those people who are not able to continue their daily activities due to shoulder pain and who keep suffering from continuous swollenness and pain. After this treatment, most people have experienced relief from the immense pain and improvement in the motion of their shoulder. The estimation of how long this surgery of your shoulder will last has been difficult to say but according to the experts, this shoulder replacement can last up to 15-20 years.

Pre Surgery

Before the surgery, you will have to go through various tests like X-Rays, ECG and blood tests. You should be healthy enough for the surgery and make sure that proper health care is provided to you after the surgery. Any type of formal physical therapy is not needed before you go through the surgery, but the doctors advise a patient to be in the best physical shape so that there are no complications faced and the recovery time after the surgery is short. All the medications like aspirin and ibuprofen should not be taken 7 days before the surgery because they thin your blood. If you smoke or drink, then you should quit it or lessen it because all these consumptions can lead to slow recovery.

Post Surgery

This is a major operation so you might experience some pain during the recovery period. Oral drugs might be recommended by the doctor to help you ease the discomfort. You must keep in mind to avoid any lifting by your arm and the function of your arm will lessen. You must perform all the exercises that are recommended after the surgery to help you with the improvement at a faster pace. Over some time, you will gain back the strength of your shoulder. It will take approximately 6 months to fully recover from the pain and stiffness.


How successful is this surgery?

In most cases, this surgery has proven to be successful. Most of the patients have been able to raise their arm from below shoulder level to above shoulder level. The rotation of the arm also improves after the surgery by an average of 30 degrees.

Who should perform shoulder replacement surgery?

An Orthopaedic surgeon can perform shoulder replacement surgery. You must keep in mind to choose a surgeon who performs shoulder replacement surgery many times in a year and has experienced staff. According to multiple studies, complication rates are lower when the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon and in a good hospital. Doctor Biren Nadkarni is one of the best surgeons in Delhi for this surgery.

What is involved in this surgery?

This procedure takes approximately 1 hour. After this surgery, the patient has to stay in the hospital overnight. Those people who do not have an assistant at home have to stay longer in the hospital so that the skilled nursing facility can provide them with as much assistance as needed because some precautions have to be taken after the surgery.


Some precautions must be taken after the surgery. You will have to perform physical therapy to bring the shoulder movement back. If you live alone, then you must not go home and start doing the chores on your own. Instead, go to a rehabilitation centre that can help you out and take care of you. Do not drive after the surgery. You can hire or ask someone to drive for you. Make sure that the necessary items are placed close to you so that you don’t have to apply pressure to your arm. There must be a grip in your bathroom to get hold of it so that you do not slip and apply pressure on your arm. Make sure that you do not have to reach up or bend down to get any item.


If you are looking for a surgeon that you can consult for a partial shoulder replacement surgery, then Dr. Biren Nadkarni of Delhi is one of the best surgeons in this field who can advise you and perform the surgery without you having to go through any complications as he is one of the best and experienced surgeons and has an experience of around 20 years.

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