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Dr Biren Nadkarni has more than 20+ years of experience in performing more than 1500+ surgeries.


About Dr Biren Nadkarni

Dr. Biren Nadkarni is a practicing Senior Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, having 20 years of rich and dynamic experience. He is currently working at Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research and at Holy Family Hospital. With his keen interest in this expanding field of management of arthritis and joint replacement surgery, he aims to widen the future horizon to the maximum.

A Testament

A testament to his competency is the fact that he successfully done more than 500 shoulder, hip and knee replacement surgeries to his credit. Dr. Biren has pursued various courses to advance his knowledge in the vast field of replacement surgeries. He has many fellowships to his name which includes – a month in England, a month in Germany, and a month and a half in Austria. The fellowship in Germany allowed him to train with Prof Bernd Fink in the topic of ‘Revision Hip and Knee Surgery.’ The fellowship in Austria added to his merit by allowing him to gain experience in the field of trauma surgery by participating in the topic ‘AO Fellowship in Trauma and Arthroscopy.’ He has learnt the procedure of Arthroscopy, also nicknamed as Keyhole surgery, which is used for the knees and shoulders. Arthroscopy involves deciding on how to correct your joints by using an instrument to clearly view your joint from the inside and analyze the problem thoroughly before deciding on the appropriate operation to provide the patient with the correct solution, e.g., repairing a damaged section of the joint.

He is also proficient in Minimally Invasive Fracture Reconstruction, which is a rare proficiency even in today’s times. This procedure helps to keep the blood supply proper during the surgery and even speeds up the healing procedure post the surgery. The incisions on the soft tissues are less in number and intensity to speed up the healing process. The surgical time and the death rate also reduce drastically with the application of this new technique. The scope for complications post-surgery is also extremely low. However, despite its perks, very few people can perform this procedure successfully. The procedure has been implemented by Dr Biren Nadkarni, and the result has been satisfied patients only.

Awards & Accolades

He has also received the SIROT Award in August 2002 along with Diploma Certificate, as recognition of original research and his contribution to the field of orthopaedics. The World Congress held thrice a year in San Diego bestows this award only once in three years to one of many deserving candidates, along with a diploma certification and a $3000 prize. Its rarity is sufficient to highlight the value of the candidate who receives it even once in his lifetime.

Dr Biren Nadkarni claims that his venture in the field of medicine, and orthopaedics has been but a selfless step taken in the direction of betterment of humanity. In all his surgeries and interactions with his patients, his main aim is to provide comfort, solace and satisfaction to his patients. He believes they come to him to heal, and he has been given the opportunity to help them in their journey.

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Patient's Words

"I am 45 yr old, I had a fracture in my left hip which was operated in my childhood. However I had progressive shortening and limp associated with severe pain in my left hip.After careful assessment it was re-operated and total hip replacement (using Large Diameter Head) was performed , which relieved my hip pain and corrected my shortening and limp."

Mrs. Mallika

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Dr. Biren Nadkarni on the behalf of my mother Mrs. Bimla Devi. He is incredible. He really listens to the patients. He is very caring and compassionate. He performed a Total Knee Replacement surgery on my mother and did an amazing job. I feel so very blessed and fortunate to have had him perform the surgery. I would eagerly recommend him to anybody when given the chance. Every time when I look at my mother, I find my mom looking better and a much happier person. Once again, I really want to thank Dr. Nadkarni for treating my mother."

Mrs. Bimla Devi

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