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Knee replacement is one of the major surgeries undertaken when other treatments fail. That is the last resort to treat a completely damaged knee joint. However many times a primary knee replacement fails to work. In that case, a Revision Knee Replacement Surgery is prescribed to the person. In this methodology, your Orthopedic surgeon may get rid of a few or all the pieces of the first prosthesis and replace them with new ones.

Before Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

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After Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

Revision Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi, NCR - Joint & Bone Solutions

Revision Knee Replacement Surgery Causes

A knee joint can get damaged due to various reasons- 

  • Implant wear.
  • Loosening of the prosthesis.
  • Infection in the implant.
  • Stiffness.
  • Instability due to the previous procedure.
  • Impaired movements.
  • Accident/trauma.

Revision Knee Replacement Surgery Procedure

Albeit the two methodologies have a similar objective—to alleviate torment and further improve range of motion, the latter medical procedure is not the same as the primary knee joint replacement. It is a more extended, more complicated methodology that requires broad arranging, and concentrated embeds and apparatuses to accomplish the desired outcome. A revision Knee Replacement can be of various types such as ones requiring one part to be replaced, while some requiring multiple parts to be replaced. In this procedure, the following steps are involved- 

  • Administration of Anesthesia- Before moving on with the procedure, administration of anesthesia is done. The type of anesthesia depends upon various factors such as general, spinal, regional, and nerve block anesthesia.
  • Surgery- Revision Knee Replacement Surgery is a more complicated surgery and requires more time than primary knee replacement surgery. In this procedure, careful examination of the knee joint is undertaken by the surgeon with the help of a long incision. If the problem has arrived due to infection, it is made sure that the soft tissues are first made free of infection before proceeding to the replacement of the previous surgical part(s).

How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Revision Knee Replacement Surgery And PostSurgical Care?

Usually, recovery after a Revision Knee Replacement Surgery is longer than the primary knee replacement surgery. The hospital stay is prolonged. For eradicating pain, analgesic drugs such as NSAIDs, pain killers, etc are prescribed. In severe cases, local anesthetics may also be administered by professionals​. Once discharged, the patient is required to undergo physical therapy to help strengthen the legs and boost the lost range of motion. The appearance of blood clots and swelling are common. To overcome these, medical-grade compression stockings and blood thinners are prescribed to the patient.

At Bone and Joint Solutions

Dr. Biren Nadkarni is a highly​  proficient  knee replacement surgeon in Delhi NCR. He has successfully completed thousands of joint replacement surgeries under his supervision and has helped them to gain back the lost confidence as well as mobility.

  • The first thing that he does after the arrival of the patient is to supervise him/her thoroughly.
  • You will undergo a complete checkup before concluding undertaking surgery.
  • Once the decision of surgery is made, preparations for the surgery are started.
  • You will be asked to quit certain foods and habits before the surgery such as alcohol, smoke, etc. to lower down the potential risks of the surgery.
  • After the surgery, proper post-op care and hospital stay are managed to avoid any kind of discomfort to the patient.
  • During the hospital stay, careful planning of medications and rehabilitation is undertaken along with necessary precautions.
  • Once the patient is discharged, regular follow-up sessions and rehabilitation programs are suggested to the individuals who have undergone a revision knee replacement surgery.


How long does it take to recover after a revision Knee Replacement Surgery?

Full recovery can take up to 12 months. Most people will be comfortable returning to work and going about their normal activities 3-6 months after surgery. Usually, a revision Knee Replacement Surgery takes longer than the primary knee replacement surgery.

How long does a revision Knee Replacement Surgery take?

Revision Knee Replacement Surgery is a complicated procedure that requires 2-3 hours on contrary to the primary knee replacement surgery.

How long does the pain last after revision Knee Replacement Surgery?

Generally, the pain lasts for several weeks after a total knee replacement surgery. Inflammation may last for 2-3 weeks post-surgery but may be prolonged.

How successful is revision Knee Replacement Surgery?

A knee replacement surgery is one of the most important surgeries of the Orthopedic department. the success of any surgery depends upon the knowledge and experience of the Orthopedic surgeon.