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Dr Biren Nadkarni is a renowned and very experienced Orthopaedic doctor in Delhi. One of the best for getting any Joint Replacement treatment done, including Hip replacement and Shoulder Arthritis. For, past many years, he has been consulted countless times for joint replacements and various Arthritis treatments.

About the Total Shoulder Replacement Treatment

The treatment of Arthritis can involve therapy sessions, various prescribed medications and certain joint associated exercises. Whereas in case of severe issues, one must consult the doctor immediately. Suppose the Arthritis cannot be treated through non-surgical ways. The doctor might suggest surgery in some instances. 

These treatments can be nonsurgical as well as surgical. Whereas initially, it can be corrected through nonsurgical ways like Applying certain prescribed things to the affected should such as moist heat or ice. Can also be cured through performing various arthritis exercises. The exercise is specially designed to ensure healing and recovering from shoulder joint pain. One can also take dietary supplements or other prescribed medicines. Whereas if the condition is severe and these ways are not supporting or healing, consulting a doctor like Dr. Biren Nadkarni is the best decision one can take.

Before Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery


After Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery


Total Shoulder Replacement Risks

Any type of Arthritis has become common these days. Both either male or female,  have an equal chance of developing it.  The risk of various Arthritis increases with the increase in age. Multiple factors can affect this, such as Overweight, joint injuries or infection. These can indeed be cured if actions are taken within time.

Total Shoulder Replacement Conditions and Procedure

In shoulder arthritis treatment, within the shoulder bone, shoulder arthritis is an injury to the cartilage. There are two joints of the elbow. Shoulder arthritis typically refers to the broader ball-and-socket joint named for the bones connected by the glenohumeral joint (glenoid and humerus). The tissue surrounds both the socket and the ball (the humeral head) (the glenoid). Arthritis known as AC joint arthritis can also occur in the second joint in the hip.

Another medical procedure is to prevent the things that make the shoulder sore. Generally, something that causes pain, significantly if the pain interferes with your life, should be avoided.

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery Treatment

The initial treatment is a therapy for shoulder arthritis. To hold the shoulder mobile, it also begins with range-of-motion exercises. If it does not impair the range of motion, the aim is to prevent it from weakening. Arthritis-related loss of mobility in the shoulder joint is often progressive and can be challenging to detect.


Two types of injections are presently available that can offer pain relief for shoulder arthritis. Cortisone shots are the first kind. Cortisone is usually combing with a numbing agent that gives instant relief from discomfort. For a day or so after the shot, it’s imperative to apply an ice pack to the shoulder.

Cortisone shots are preferred to be used for a limited time, As advised by the doctor. However, they do not affect the shoulder. If you plan to go for a complete shoulder replacement soon after the shot, these shots can raise infection risk. Start avoiding cortisone shots a couple of months ago if you are planning the treatment.

Pre Surgery

When you visit your doctor and plan for a shoulder replacement surgery, you will be asked about your medical history. The doctor will conduct a physical shoulder movement exam to see the severity of pain. You will determine and validate the degree of arthritis and the volume of bone in the socket with an X-ray or, if necessary, a CT scan.

Post Surgery

Just after the treatment is done, you will feel slight or maybe even more than expected discomfort for the time being. You must know that this is normal. For healing takes a little longer.

Total Shoulder Replacement Precautions

Concerning any medical treatment or injury recovery, it is suggested to take the required precautions. Follow every single step guided by your doctor and take every medication that is needed. Don’t do any heavy lifting work, or don’t bend or be fast with your body. Take proper care of your injured part, give it adequate warmth and comfort to heal again. Avoid any kind of injury, eat right and healthy food to strengthen your body. And in any discomfort or uneasiness. Immediately contact your doctor.


For the right guidance and best treatment. Ignoring and letting any illness grow from inside will only harm your body more. It will damage your body’s essential parts to the extent that healing can also not cure it. So, it is highly recommended to take up an appointment and consult Dr. Biden Nadkarni for proper consultation, treatment and best recovery.

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