Dr Biren Nadkarni has tremendous experience of performing Knee Osteotomy in Delhi.

What is Knee Osteotomy?

The actual meaning of the word osteotomy is cutting of the bones. In osteotomy either the femur bone (thigh bone) is cut or the Tibia (shin bone) is cut. After cutting, the bones are resurfaced so as to relieve the pressure created by the bones on the joint. Knee Osteotomy is generally employed to relieve pressure created during the early stage of osteoarthritis over the knee joint of one side. This literally improves the functioning of the knee joint and also reduces the chances of getting a knee replacement.

Knee Osteotomy Causes

The major reason for the damage to the knee joint is osteoarthritis. After the detection of early-stage osteoarthritis, the patient can undergo a knee Osteotomy surgery done to relieve pressure over the knee joint. Osteoarthritis can occur when the bones of the knee and foot are not properly aligned. This can put stress on the inside (inside) and outside (outside) of the knee. Over time, this extra pressure can damage the fragile articular cartilage that protects the bones, causing pain and stiffness in the knees.


Knee osteotomy helps in correcting the incorrect knee position and also prolonging the life of the knee joint. Knee Osteotomy procedure also assists in preserving the intrinsic anatomy of the knee, which therefore can delay the need for joint replacement by years. Also, the recovery of the Osteotomy surgery is very fast and the person can resume his normal activities very soon after the surgical procedure. The person can even continue with his/her high-intensity and weight-bearing exercises.

Knee Osteotomy Surgery Procedure

  • At Joint & Bone Solutions, the anesthetic team of Dr. Biren Nadkarni administers accurate anesthesia to the patient which allows him/her to sleep during the surgery and/or feel no pain while awake.
  • Most of the osteotomy surgeries for osteoarthritis of the knee are performed on the tibia to correct the position of the bent leg, which is putting too much pressure on the inside of the knee. 
  • This involves removing the wedge from the outside of the tibia below the healthy knee. When Dr. Biren Nadkarni performs the surgery, he closes the wedge and then later extends the patient’s leg. 
  • Dr. Biren Nadkarni will make an incision in the front of the knee. 
  • He then uses a guide wire to mark the exact size of the wedge and then using a vibratory saw
  • He will then cut the guidewire and then remove the wedge from the bone. This “closes” or collects the bones to fill the space created by the removal of the wedges. 
  • Dr. Biren Nadkarni will install plates and screws to hold the bone in place until the osteotomy heals.
  • This brings the bones closer to the healthy side of the knee and creates more space between the bones on the arthritic side. 
  • This allows the patient’s knees to support his/her weight more evenly and also helps in reducing side pain.

Osteotomy Duration and Post-surgical Care

  • The duration of a knee osteotomy is usually 1 to 2 hours. 
  • After the surgery, the patient is kept in the recovery room to allow healing.
  • The hospital stay also allows the patient to be observed keenly for any surgical complications.
  • For strength training and mobility increment, the patient undergoes a rehabilitation program guided by a Physiotherapist​.


Is knee Osteotomy successful?

For most patients, osteotomy relieves pain and slows the progression of knee arthritis. This allows younger patients to lead a more active lifestyle over the years.

How safe is knee osteotomy?

Every surgery involves some risk, so does knee osteotomy. Patient need to check for Blood clots and DVT, the most common complications after knee ostotomy. However, very small percentage of patients are affected with this.

Why do we need osteotomy?

Osteotomy is a surgical procedure in which bones are cuts and reshaped to repair a deformed joints or to shorten or lengthen the bone.

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How much does Knee Osteotomy cost in Delhi?

To know all the aspects of Knee Osteotomy, consult Dr. Biren Nadkarni at his clinic – Joint & Bone Solutions situated at Hauz Khas or consult him at Sitaram Bhartia or Holy Family Hospital.

How long after osteotomy can you walk?

It takes about 3 to 6 months post-Knee Osteotomy surgery to walk with a full range of motion. For more progressive and high-impact exercises, the patient may take as long as one year to perform.