Dr Biren Nadkarni has specialization in performing Unicompartmental Knee Replacement surgery.

At the time of this surgery of knee replacement, plastic parts and metal are used to resurface the damaged bone and cartilage. A fraction of the knee is resurfaced with unicompartmental knee reconstruction (also called “partial knee replacement). For patients whose illness is confined to only one joint region, this treatment is an alternative to complete knee replacement.

There are many knee osteoarthritis therapies, and your doctor will discuss the options that will help alleviate the symptoms of personal osteoarthritis. Single-part knee reconstruction is used for advanced osteoarthritis, which is restricted to a single compartment. The affected container is replaced with metal and plastic during this process. The healthy bone and cartilage and ligaments are well maintained.

Before Unicompartmental Knee Replacement Surgery

After Unicomapartmental Knee Replacement Surgery


In the unicompartmental knee replacement, which is also known as the partial knee replacement, only a portion of the knee is resurfaced. In this procedure, the alternative to the total knee replacement for the patients whose disease is just limited to one knee area.


Compared with complete knee replacement, the drawbacks of partial knee replacement include:

1- Slightly less predictable recovery from pain

2- Potential need for further surgery. For instance, if arthritis occurs in the knee areas that have not been replaced, a complete knee replacement might be required in the future.

There are complications associated with a partial knee reconstruction, as with any surgical operation.


During the knee replacement surgery, the damaged bone and the cartilage is resurfaced with the metal and the plastic components and elements. In the unicompartmental, the knee replacement is also known as the partial knee replacement. The total knee replacement is for the limited one area, and the smaller incision does the partial knee replacement.


There are different types of the treatments and variety of the range for the knee replacement, and your doctor will discuss the options which are suitable for you and will relieve your osteoarthritis symptoms. The surgery can help you to get free from the partial knee replacement.


This surgery of knee replacement can last from five years to a maximum of fifteen years. But some factors determine the duration of this surgery.

Although it may take some time to recover and gain some strength, many patients who undergo surgery can run back into moderate intensity. But it is not recommended.

Pre Surgery

The doctors will give you the proper instructions before the surgery which have to follow. The doctor and healthcare team will also provide you with the anaesthesia so that you will be asleep in the whole procedure of the surgery or if you are a heavyweight person, then they will only numb your legs.

Post Surgery

After the surgery, you can get discharged from the hospital after three or four days, and then you will be fine, but the most important thing is that you should follow your doctor’s instructions properly.

Patients of partial knee replacement typically experience less postoperative pain, less swelling, and smoother recovery than those requiring complete knee replacement. Many times the patients are permitted to go home within one to three days of the surgery.


There are many medicines available that will help you in controlling pain. These include local anaesthetics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and antidepressants. Treating pain with drugs will make you feel more relaxed, helping the body relax and recover from surgery quicker.

Opioids can offer exceptional pain relief, but they are a drug that can be addictive. Your doctor only instructs that it is necessary to use opioids.


There are so many orthopaedics who can help you with this surgery. Still, one of the best orthopaedics and surgeon is Dr Biren Nadkarni, who can provide you with proper guidance. He has an end number of experience in this field so he can give you the best treatment and advice for the unicompartmental knee replacement.

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